Whether it’s ‘o my god’ or OMG, what does this phrase mean?  How is it used?  WHY do people use it…even as a follower of Christ?

Where is your VU meter on this?  Is the needle even moving or is it pegged because you have thought this through and have a conviction about the subject?


Lloyd Marcus is a black conservative. He grew up in the projects in Baltimore. His dad became the first firefighter in the city’s history. Today Lloyd is the founder and chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee. He joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the recent racist violence rocking America.

Holly Harris with the U.S. Justice Action NetworkHolly Harris joins Jerry Newcombe to talk about the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas. She is the executive director for the U.S. Justice Action Network. She advocates for some common sense reforms in our criminal justice system.

Eileen KoffEileen Koff is dedicated to getting God’s people to “get organized.” Furthermore, she encourages us to “Organize His Way.” She has even written a book with that title.  Eileen Koff joins Jerry Newcombe, as she discusses “keeping a Mary heart in a Martha world.”