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Visibility Unlimited-The Christmas Story

Let’s revisit the text of Scripture (Luke 1-2) as we celebrate the undeserved gift of God-incarnate…the sinless, holy, perfect Son of God.
Merry Christmas from GraceNetRadio and Mike Schlote!


Visibility Unlimited-Reading Proverbs 17-19


Seeking Truth this week from chapters 17-19 of the book of Proverbs.  Read along here (Proverbs 17-19)!

Visibility Unlimited-Reading Proverbs 13-16


Continuing the reading of Proverbs.  In this episode, Mike reads Proverbs 13-16.  Let’s pursue Truth together!

Visibility Unlimited-Reading Proverbs 8-12


In this episode of Visibility Unlimited, Mike spends more time reading from the book of Proverbs.  Although the book is ancient, it is inspired by the very breath of God.  Follow along as he reads chapters 8-12.