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Hot Topics-Christians and the Old Testament

Should Christians be as focused on reading the Old Testament as they are on reading the New Testament? After all, doesn’t the New Testament give us a much clearer picture of Jesus as compared to the Old Testament? Be very careful on how you answer those questions!!


Vocal Point-Dr. Susan Michael

Topic: Modern Israel

Have you ever wondered why the Islamic world will not let Israel live in peace? If you put a small matchbox on a football field, that matchbox represents Israel, compared to all of its Arab neighbors, yet, the Arab world cannot let Israel go on in peace. Why is that? There are thousands of perpetual Palestinian refugees. Why can’t they be welcomed in to one of the surrounding nations? (Of course, the country of Jordan has many Palestinians that have been incorporated.) The modern state of Israel celebrated 70 years of existence in 2018. Yet there are still some who want to drive the tiny nation-state into the sea, as in the Mediterranean. Dr. Susan Michael, the USA Director for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, is a wealth of information on Israel, and she joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point.

Originally Published December 17, 2018


Vocal Point-Dr. Joe Malone

Many people today hold a view of gender fluidity. You might be a boy one day and a girl the next, etc. Biologically we are only one or the other, and the science is clear on that. Dr. Joe Malone co-wrote a book called, Battles of the Sexes. He holds a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance. His biographer notes, “He served on the Center for Disease Control Initiative for STD Prevention for the State of Tennessee.” In his book, he and co-author, Sarah Achelpohl Harris, observe, “The differences [sex differences] are designed for cooperation and being complementary to the opposite sex, not for competition.” Their website declares, “The Smartest Sexuality is Married Sexuality. We call for a Romance Revolt that will empower young women and men to unhook from hookup culture and return to chivalry and mutual love and respect.” Dr. Joe Malone joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss real differences between the sexes and why it’s helpful to know those differences.



Vocal Point-Arch Hunter

There is a battle over how history is taught these days. Some might shrug their shoulders and say, “Who cares about a bunch of dates and events? That’s all in the past.” But the past is prologue. Karl Marx said that if you cut a people off from their history, you can reshape them into the image you wish. Americans are heirs to a rich Judeo-Christian heritage. But many people have no clue about that. Nor do they know much about our history at all. For about 25 years, Arch Hunter was a public school teacher—many of those years as a teacher of the subject of history, especially American history. He saw firsthand the negative changes as to how our history is taught. Today he is a Christian radio host in Philadelphia and is involved with the Freedom’s Foundation of Valley Forge. Arch Hunter joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the battle over teaching history and why it matters.