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Hot Topics-What is an Apostate?

What is the biblical definition of an apostate? Who is a biblical example of an apostate? Can a  truly born-again believer commit apostasy?


Vocal Point-Rod Gragg

The Bible continues to be the world’s best-seller. There is a fascinating story as to how it came to be and also as to how it came to be in English. Historian and award-winning author, Rod Gragg, has released his latest book, and it’s on the history of the Scriptures: The Word: The History of The Bible and How it Came to Us. Gragg notes, “Over the course of thousands of years (at least 3,500), sixty-six books compiled by scribes, priests, kings, poets, scholars, fishermen and others have survived through the ages. More than five-thousand partial or complete New Testament manuscripts exist today bearing the harmony of the Bible’s message.” Rod Gragg joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the history of the Bible.

Originally Published October 1, 2018


Vocal Point-Bob Knight

About a month after the midterm 2018 elections, veteran journalist Bob Knight wrote a piece about the problem of “ballot harvesting,” which he said is a “sure-fire way” for liberals to win. A new law in California allowing for “ballot harvesting,” (which is illegal in most states) declares: “… A vote by mail voter who is unable to return the ballot [by mail or in person] may designate any person to return the ballot to the elections official who issued the ballot, to the precinct board at a polling place or vote center within the state, or to a vote by mail ballot dropoff location within the state ….” (Assembly Bill 1921) Knight says this could be a means by which votes are unscrupulously stolen in future elections (as potentially happened in California’s elections, such as in Orange County). Bob Knight joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the dangers of “ballot harvesting.”


Vocal Point-Ryan Bomberger

Every human life has purpose—even those yet unborn. So notes Ryan Bomberger. Sadly many Americans never get to live and fulfill their destiny because their lives are snuffed out by abortion. Ryan Bomberger, an adopted child of rape, is a creative pro-life communicator, who has founded the Radiance Foundation. He will be speaking at the January 2019 Chicago Right to Life rally. “His personal experiences make him a perfect messenger for this year’s March For Life Chicago theme, Unique From Day One,” explained March for Life Chicago Board of Directors President Dawn Fitzpatrick. “This peaceful march through the streets of Chicago is a reminder that people of Illinois and throughout the Midwest desire to proclaim the synchronicity of science and faith when it comes to the uniqueness of each life.”  Ryan Bomberger joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the issue of abortion.