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Hot Topics-Role of Women in the Church PART ONE

What does the Bible say about the role of women in the church? Are women allowed to serve in the church? Are women allowed to preach in the church? Are women allowed to be pastors/elders in the church?


Hot Topics-Gender Roles in the Church

Our modern culture is embroiled in all kinds of controversies when it comes to gender-specific definitions and roles for males and females.  Unfortunately, these controversies have stormed into the modern church as well.  For example, many people can’t understand why women can’t be pastors and preachers like men? Are you one of those people? If so, then you probably also believe that we have the right to culturally reinterpret the Bible to fit our ever-evolving and rapidly changing modern culture.  But do we as humans actually have the right to change and reinterpret God’s Holy and Authoritative Word of Truth? Or should we humbly and obediently submit to God’s Divine Design for males and females in the family and the church?


Hot Topics-What if Jesus Never Came?

Originally published December 6, 2015.


Hot Topics-Are Humans Trichotomous or Dichotomous?


Originally published August 7, 2016

Are Humans Trichotomous or Dichotomous?