“Mike at the Mic in the Morning” – Wednesday, 1/28/15

  • Pull up a chair, crack open a Bible and read Acts 17 with me!
  • Jordan agrees to release a terrorist in exchange for a hostage taken by Islamic terrorists.  What kind of precedent was just set?
  • Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era/generation? IngallsI do. I often think that I am the type of person who would have loved living in the pioneer days. I could have been born inWalnut Grove, MN, and have been friends with the Ingalls. Hard work, integrity and an unashamed love of God, country and family I could have been the host of “Mike at the Mill in the Morning.”  How about you?
  • So what IS growing inside her womb, congressman?  A lizard?  It’s a simple question being avoided again by a pro-abortion politician.
  • President Ronald Reagan gave this televised speech on this date in 1986 following the space shuttle Challenger’s explosion during lift-off.

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  1. Barrie Sobczak says:

    Mike, how about ; Mike’s morning highlights….

  2. Barrie Sobczak says:

    The web site is pretty neat.

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